Tl;dr: Storipress can deliver to Enterprise a better performing solution that would otherwise cost us upwards of $10,000/month for $50/month.

What is multitenancy?

Multitenancy is when customers share cloud resources. It can be achieved when:

  1. An operator deploying multiple independent instances of one instance to cater to different customers (containerised) or;

  2. When a single application instance powers multiple customers (native).

Multitenancy is an important concept as:

  1. Firstly, it automates the creation and onboarding of new customers on a hosting platform. This reduces devops overhead and indirect costs.

  2. Secondly, it saves compute resources by having customers share compute power.

Due to WordPress being a dinosaur, native mulitenancy is poorly supported / not truly scalable. Resultantly, WordPress hosts operate WordPress using the containerised approach, whereby multitenancy is achieved by spinning up separate multiple duplicate instances of WordPress for each customer. This approach:

  1. Wastes compute power;

  2. Is really complex to set up and be scalable; and

  3. Is really expensive to set up to be scalable.

Multitenancy on Storipress

Extending the JAMstack architecture, Storipress takes JAMstack one step further by combining all customers inside one 'instance', and having that instance scale up and down using serverless functions.

Multitenancy illustration

By combining all customers in 1 'instance', this reduces compute overhead (illustrated below) as well as reduces indirect costs (devops) by simplifying deployment + scaling.

In addition to the above, Storipress operates on a shared user between tenants model, meaning that one user can have multiple publications (tenants). To do this, Storipress syncs resources in real time across multiple tenant databases, meaning that users of Storipress' publishing platform can now use 1 login to access limitless publications on Storipress, all without Storipress having to provision additional compute power overhead.

The best thing about this of course, is that we pass these savings onto you by letting you create multiple publications on a single plan.

Serverless demonstration

Finally, the icing on the cake is that by replacing VPSs with serverless functions, Storipress can instantly scale, with to-the-millisecond level granularity, the exact amount of compute needed.

Architecturally, Storipress is the most compute efficient and performant CMS possible with current technology, both in term of direct and indirect (scaling, devops) costs.