Alex is one of the co-founders of Storipress.

The first 'version' of Storipress started as a university student publication.

In 2017, I started a university student publication called Polity.

As a lifelong media nerd and student, what started as solo project soon grew to a network of 45+ student contributors across Australia and New Zealand, and I found another problem in my hands.

As it turns out, managing writing teams at our scale is really hard. We soon found ourselves managing our editorial processes across 5+ systems:

  • Trello: used for article approvals (draft → for editor review → reviewed by editor/ready for publication → published)

  • Google Docs: attached to our Trello for early article drafts

  • Google Sheets: content strategy planning

  • WordPress: where we reformatted finished content on Google Docs to set live for publication

  • WordPress plugins: for things like SEO and visual theming

  • Google Analytics: to track content performance

There was one big issue with using so many systems: none of them talked to each other, meaning that if an Editor or writer forgot to update a system, all hell would break loose. Moreover, whilst there were a bunch of site building tools for e-commerce that worked great, there really was nothing out there that built sites in the 'broadsheet' news format. Using the tools available at the time, the sites that we did create performed terribly for technical SEO due (were really slow).

So in 2020, with no technical expertise, I decided to team up with our two other co-founders, Kevin and David, to build what we'd call 'the best publishing platform ever'.

Storipress was to do the following:

  • Be inherently collaborative, giving publishers a single source of truth in their CMS;

  • Create beautiful (and seriously freaking fast) digital broadsheet sites

  • Look pretty, and be enjoyable to use (take that WordPress!).

So without further ado:

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👀 Storipress will be in open beta until Jan 2022. During this period, our free plan is not available, but our paid plans are 50% off  + have unlimited seats.