Storipress is finally at a stable enough stage to start dogfooding our own product. Trying our own platform is important to us, after all, we're the biggest advocates for our own product!

It is never easy to start a blog, we never know what to say on the first blog post 😱 so I will keep it simple here.

We are Storipress, a team of one designer and two developers. In the designer's previous job, he created a publication, where he found the user experience of existing consumer grade CMSs to be terrible.

The most common alternatives were WordPress and Squarespace. Where the first one requires some technical knowledge, the second one was not fit for purpose for publishers.

So here came our idea to develop an alternative to WordPress, easy to setup, great customisability, and fast.


...Welcome on our blog! 🎉

I expect we will use it as often as possible to talk about what we build, company news and various thoughts.