Alex Pan
Co-Founder of Storipress
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Announcing our Long Awaited V1 Release Candidate

Company, Published May 24, 2022
🎉 Storipress 1.0 Release Candidate is here! 🎉 Laying the groundwork for paywalls, nested desks, a public GraphQL API and more.

How to Design Your Editorial Workflow (in 4 steps)

Modern work, Published October 28, 2021
Curious as to how to set up a publishing workflow? Here's a handy guide to show you how.

We're (finally) Launching!

Company, Published October 20, 2021
656 days after the first code commit, Storipress is finally entering into open beta next Thursday with a launch on ProductHunt — discover what’s inside + what to expect ⚡️

Building the World's Fastest Hosting

Technology, Published October 15, 2021
When we market ourselves as having the world's fastest hosting, we were not joking. Reason? We literally built our own CDN.

Multitenancy on Steroids

Technology, Published October 6, 2021
People often ask us: "how are you able to offer multiple sites under one plan?". The answer is multitenancy. Lots of multitenancy.
Jamstack logo

JAMstack at Scale: How Storipress Creates Publications which Load in Milliseconds

Technology, Published September 29, 2021
JAMstack is a revolutionary new architecture which allows instant load speeds + infinite scalability, but is locked off to those who know how to code. This is how Storipress enables it for all.

Storipress Raises $175,000 to Power the Future of Storytelling

Company, Published July 19, 2021
tl;dr: we recently raised $125,000 AUD from Shearwater Growth & two private investors. This funding will allow us to bring the idea of Storipress to market.

Starting Our Blog

Company, Published June 9, 2021
Its time to start dogfooding